Wednesday, August 23, 2017

3 wallhangings

I have three pieces of wall art that I am offering at bargain prices.  You should be able to click on the photo to enlarge it. 

Upper left, an original design quilt based on the number three and some other criteria that I have forgotten.  It was made in a workshop.  It is raw edge applique finished with a narrow satin stitch, sparkly thread, 3 coins attached.  It is 21.5" x 22"  a hanging sleeve and hand finished binding and is machine quilted.  

Bottom left: Colorwash heart, 16.5" square, free motion quilted in the shape of a heart and has a hanging sleeve. 

Right:  Batik zig zag wallhanging.  Includes a hanging sleeve and is machine quilted in randomly spaced lines following the zig zag.  It has been washed for that old fashioned crinkly look.  It is 41" x 34". 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Improv quilter's dream

This group of scraps would be a boost for someone with limited batik fabrics.  They are not a random bunch, they are the same group as I cut for my specialty colorwash kits including all color ranges.  Here are the specifics:

..197 pieces ALL different
..18" long and anywhere from 1.75" - 2" wide in the majority of pieces.  There could be a few a little narrower.
..They are the scrap cut leftover from other cutting, not perfectly straight strips
..Equal to more than 4 yards of fabric. 
..There is only one pack of these SOLD!!!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Log Cabin quilt top

October 2016 colorwash kits

I have at least 12 of these batik colorwash kits to sell.  It has 240 different batik 2.5" squares.  

May 2017 colorwash kits

I have been working on the cutting of the batik colorwash kits for almost 6 weeks now.  I have a couple thousand batiks so it involved looking through all of them and pulling the very best ones for colorwash, then pressing, cutting with my die cutter, stacking and packaging.  I consider them a starter kit hoping you will add some of your own fabrics to the mix if you purchase a kit.  However I did a mock up and these kits can make a pretty nice colorwash wallhanging on their own.  So.....these aren't packs of just a random assortment of fabrics, they are specifically chosen.  All of my batiks are washed with pure soap, no scent, no detergent before cutting.

I have 2 sizes of kits, 240 pieces ALL SOLD  and 300 pieces ALL SOLD.  The first 240 different fabrics in each size kit are identical and then 60 more fabrics were added to the larger kit.  THANKS EVERYONE!!