Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blue Kaleidoscope quilt top

This strip pieced Kaleidoscope quilt TOP is 73" square. Several groups of 5 fabrics from light to dark were pieced into stratas, cut into triangles, and then 2 different stratas were used in each block. This quilt leans from periwinkle to true blue to aqua/turquoise. The outside border is an very dark inky blue with roses in a lighter shade of blue. 

Primatic Graden quilt top

I have made a large series of Prismatic Garden quilts. That is my original title for my series, not a pattern from anyone else. I sew stratas of 4 fabrics, cut triangles, sew 4 together to make blocks and play with them on the design wall. Sometimes I design specific blocks to make the colors flow. This TOP is 40" square.