Monday, October 17, 2011

Blue and purple batik squares

All of the batik fabrics have been pre-washed in pure soap. There are 2 of each fabric in both groups. They were purchased over an 18 year time period so there are some that you may never have seen before. SOLD 10/15/11

Hand dyed quilt top

This is a quilt top 36.5" square. The fabric was dyed by Melody Johnson in the mid 1990's.  SOLD 1/27/10

2.5" strips

I have cut 41 strips of floral print fabrics, 2.5" wide. I have cut with a straight rotary cutter, not with the pinking blade that the jelly rolls use. I have 2 different kits available, 41 different fabrics in each kit. My price is $26 plus shipping (in comparison: A jelly roll is 40 fabrics and jelly rolls are $30-35) All of the fabrics in my kits are discontinued, no longer available prints. I did cut the selvage with words off before I cut the strips so they average 43.5" wide.

Group # 1 has cream color backgrounds in the lightest prints. All sold, sorry 2/16/09.
Group #2 has white backgrounds in the lightest prints and a little bit brighter colors in all of the fabrics. Sorry these are all sold. 1:52 p.m 1/21/09

Purple and Coral wallhanging

this piece is 31" x 24.75" and is made from all of the leftover bits from another larger quilt. I had fun fitting them altogether with a piece of Dutch Wax Batik with a bird on it as a focal point.I machine quilted it in the ditch and then added double needle quilting as an accent. This is the backing fabric and it shows what the double needle stitching looks like on the back (zigzag). The binding is hand finished.

SOLD 4/5/11

Lap size quilt

This quilt is considered a throw, or couch quilt. It is approximately 64" x 76" and is made of batik fabrics. It has been washed to make it super soft and cuddly.

SOLD 9/22/11

Halloween quilt top and 2 matching fabrics

This Halloween wallhanging top is 27.5" x 36.5". 

Sold 9/26/11

Friday, September 2, 2011

Here are 2 patchwork journal covers. They are quilted and include the spiral 5" x 7" notebook.
This shot shows the covers opened up and laying flat.